How to install Linux Assistant

Debian based systems

(Like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MX Linux, etc.)/

  • Download the newest .deb file from the homepage or here:
  • (On many systems you can just doubleclick the file and install it graphically, then you are already finished here)
  • Otherwise open up the terminal and type:
  • cd Downloads
  • sudo apt install ./linux-assistant.deb -y


  • Download the newest .rpm file from the homepage or here:
  • Open up the terminal and type (you have to change the number of the .rpm file in the second command):
  • cd Downloads
  • sudo zypper install --allow-unsigned-rpm ./linux-assistant-0.2.4-1.x86_64.rpm
  • The installation will display “error” in the end which you can igrnore.


Arch Linux

cd /tmp
git clone
cd linux-assistant
bash ./
makepkg -s --skipchecksums --install

At the time, the Arch Linux version is not updated automatically.


  • Ensure, that the following dependencies are installed: keybinder-3_0-0 wmctrl wget python3
    • sudo apt install libkeybinder-3.0-0 wmctrl wget python3 pkexec mesa-utils
    • sudo dnf install keybinder wmctrl wget pkexec python3
    • sudo zypper install libkeybinder-3_0-0 wmctrl wget pkexec python3
  • Download the file from:
  • Extract the file
  • In the linux-assistant-bundle folder make the linux-assistant file executable
  • Start it by double clicking the linux-assistant file.